Home buyers are text savvy!

Lead generation technology is something that Brokers and Realtors have to be aware of. On a real basic level it’s a box, attached to a for sale sign that contains flyers. The hope is that potential a home buyer takes a flyer and then uses it to contact the Realtor who holds the listing. Yeah right! The other way is to use a sign-rider displaying a web address in the hope that a potential new lead will visit the site, look up the Realtor’s contact information and make the call. Ok then!

At an absolute bare minimum, a professional Realtor will have a virtual tour of the property on Realtor.com, which will be attached to the listing. This is great exposure and my virtual media will track where viewers are coming from, be it Realtor.com, Facebook, Digg, Delicious etc. This allows an Agent to track traffic but still keeps the viewers contact information hidden. What if, beneath the virtual tour,there was a message that read, ‘Text HOME to 84638 for more info!’

This would allow the person looking at the virtual tour access to further information, but, more importantly, the Realtor gets contact information and a new lead. Powerful marketing, never before available.